Our mission

Brisbane Youth Theatre


BYT will provide students with a quality drama program that fosters development in multiple areas;


  • communication skills
  • age appropriate learning
  • performance skills
  • social skills
  • literacy skills

The unique BYT ACTed series facilitates youth development of life skills such as problem solving, decision making and team work whilst learning essential acting techniques. The environment will be safe, joyful and professional.

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    Brisbane Youth Theatre (BYT) will achieve its vision by;
  • promoting excellence in theatre practice by bringing young people together with professional
    artists to experiment, develop and produce performance
  • nurturing the imaginations, confidence, self esteem and creativity in young people
  • providing professional development opportunities for BYT staff and tutors to enhance and expand their craft
  • providing a safe creative space that is welcoming, inclusive and open to all members of the community
  • delivering a high quality diverse and accessible youth theatre program which contributes to both the local and national cultural environment, within a sound organisational and financial framework

   Our influences

Theatre of the Opressed

In an effort to transform theatre from the "monologue" of traditional performance into a "dialogue" between audience and stage, Augusto Boal developed Theatre of the Opressed

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18th-Century Engraving of Commedia Dell´┐Żarte Actors on Stage. Corbis. 2006. Commedia Dell'Arte

"Italian comedy," was a humorous theatrical presentation performed by players who travelled in troupes

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