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ACTed Script Series

The ACTed script series is aimed at combining learning and theatre for optimal results in child development. These unique plays are written specifically for the educational stage of the participants with a focus on both social and academic learning. ACTed scripts reinforces and builds on current school syllabus as well as teaching expression, communication and confidence that theatre-based learning provides. The authentic voice of the participants is often integrated into the scripts through improvisation games.

ACTed Examples

Mean Melanie - a play about bullying written (ages 5-8) - This play sets up a real life playground scenario for the actors to explore, encourages actors to experience all the roles within a bullying scenario to broaden the acting and social experience.

Mini Monster - a play about a group of friends camping, nasty bugs and team-work (ages 8-12) - This special play helps actors explore natural sciences, introduces camping safety and encourages having fun with your friends 'outdoors'.

All programs are written with the guidance of professional education consultants and script consultants.

Did you know?

Theatre makes you a better person...

Drama enables students to extend their understanding of the world, develop their imagination and see things from a range of different viewpoints. No matter who your child is or what their interests are, there are 5 key reasons why being involved with theatre makes your kid a better person.

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