(Sarah 2014) Heidi - I wanted to tell you how much Sarah has enjoyed her 3 years with you.  During that time, Monday drama has always been the highlight of her week.  She talks about the other kids as her friends and will miss them.  She has also always looked up to the teachers, who seem to be good fun as well as good drama teachers. 

(Suzi 2013) BYT in essence, is a spirited space where children explore their creative passions with guidance and warmth from professional actors and teachers. These workshops, whilst enhancing skills in drama, also nurture the inner, honour individualism and allow children to develop a sense of self and adaptability that extends to all areas of their lives.BYT offers a relaxed and fun environment and encourages growth through esteem building,creative flow and is a place where lifelong friendships are born. Heidi is one of the most talented, passionate and humbled women I have encountered and a lady I truly admire. I highly recommend BYT to any parents looking for soul nourishing, fun experiences for their children.


(Sarah B 2013) Great holiday activity - creative, different, out-of-the sun (thinking summer!), non-electronica!, social, uses both body & mind, involves laughter which is a mood enhancer! Loved it!


Tommi 2013 – teen student
I really enjoyed going to BYT, I really had a good time and the games we played were fun as. I made heaps of new friends and upgraded my improvisation skills. The teachers were really nice and funny.

Anna 2013
My son really enjoys attending classes at Brisbane Youth Theatre. He is energised and enthused after class. His skills and confidence have definitely improved thanks to Heidi and her delightful team. It's a fantastic experience whether simply for fun or if your child is interested in a future in acting and the arts. A big thanks to BYT :-)

Dom 2013
The confidence and sheer joy that the children get from the B.Y.T. experience is simply incomparable. Being a Senior Facilitator at B.Y.T. for a little over a year I witnessed numerous children entering their first workshop quite shy and hesitant because, let's face it, expressing yourself in a group environment can be quite daunting, however the way the workshops are designed it wasn't too long before these children broke out of their shells and weren't so afraid to just be themselves. To me this is what drama has the power to achieve. It doesn't even matter if your child isn't the best actor in the world, B.Y.T. is so much more than teaching children how to act, these workshops also assist them outside of the classroom, allowing them to face everyday situations/settings with 100% confidence and belief in themselves. I wish I had the opportunity to experience drama at a younger age (I had to wait until year 10). Don't let your child miss out on drama done the RIGHT way at the Brisbane Youth Theatre!


"My son Ryland has been attending BYT classes for a year now and loves it! And I love how the teachers engage the children in the classes, they are learning while having fun!". Jen Malone (2012)


“Joe’s confidence has really kicked in with the Brisbane Youth Theatre classes. He told me he wished he could do drama classes all day! And this is a kid who was always too shy to speak in front of the class. Thank you BYT.” Louise Hill (2012)


"The best theatre for kids that I've found. My kids are addicted! And so much more confident. It has certainly enhanced their creativity and love of the performing arts." Andy Roache (2011)


"My daughter, Jessika, has benefited enormously from your theatre and teaching skills.

Thank you very much for your special effort and dedication. As a parent, it is a privilege to find such a talented professional who is also a natural with children." Christina Kearney (2011)


"As a primary school teacher of long experience, and with a great love of drama, I'm always looking for quality scripts that will appeal to the children and be suitable for performance. Fortunately I've discovered that those written by Heidi Manché fill the bill perfectly. The language is modern, and of an appropriate level, the action often related to studies from the syllabus, and it makes use of humour that the young actors relate to. Heidi's scripts are also just the right length, neither too long nor too short for a classroom performance. We hope that she will keep them coming. Erina Walker" (2011)